Miroslav Zhivkov: Centre Page Poster Issue 130

Miroslav Zhivkov: Centre Page Poster Issue 130

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Bulgarian artist Miroslav Zhivkov graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia in 2016 with a degree in Poster and Visual Communication. 
He is currently working in his art residency at Nopoint Atelier in the village of Balani, where he exchanges experience and practices between artists in an alternative place for creation. 

"I paint and design mainly abstract, constantly experimenting with different medias, tools and graphic techniques - screen printing, risography, different approaches for monotypes. I try to use as few familiar images and elements as possible that are clearly and precisely associated with something. I want it to work with its own: composition, swing, line, spot, etc."
Find him @ dzhingibi

Printed on 250gsm silk paper

Size: 59.4 x 42 cm (A2)

Limited run of 50.